Twitter got me thinking …

Since I am up at all hours these days, I spend more time than usual reading through my Twitter feed on my iPhone while the little one feeds. The other night/day (who knows?) I read the following tweet from Deepak Chopra: Real change is accompanied by a new insight. Insight is an impulse of love dissolving some old imprint. This got me thinking about the relationship between change and love and the nature of the two.

Love cannot be avoided, though we spend a great deal of our lives alternately chasing after and retreating from it. We all want love, but the experience of it can be a bit scary since all love – romantic love, familial love, neighborly love, self-love – requires us to be vulnerable. In our Yoga practice, we experience love. We learn to love our whole selves – body, energy, mind, intellect, and spirit – and we learn to radiate this love out to others. This love tends to result in change, which also cannot be avoided. As we grow in love, the way we experience the world changes and this shift in perspective often leads to changes in behavior. Many times, these changes are changes that we seek. For most of us, that is why we were drawn to Yoga or a spiritual practice in the first place. It is the realizations that we have as we grow in love that help us to make necessary changes.

So, we make true and lasting change when we have an insight. And these insights result from love ridding us of some old idea or habit that we need to alter. But the word that Deepak used that really got me thinking was “impulse”. Insight is an impulse of love. An impulse is something that is involuntary, sudden, perhaps instinctual. To say that love can have an impulse introduces the idea of love, not as only an emotion felt by us and emoted from us, but rather an energy with its own agenda. And this love-energy, whether we realize it or not, is the motivating force for real change within us, because that is what it is impulsively motivated to do. Love “wants” us to evolve to our highest Self.

This means that beyond giving and receiving love, we need to let love. We need to allow it to flow through us and around us and beyond us. That saying “Let go and let God” could perhaps also be “Let go and let Love”.  If the nature of the world around us is to change, and Love is the source of change, then Love is also the nature of the Universe. I love the idea of the world around us, everything we encounter, conspiring to make us the most complete and truest version of our Self.  For, if everything is everything, then we too are Love.


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