Embraceable You

Happy New Year, yogis!

Please forgive me for being approximately (or exactly) 11 days late in wishing you a good new year. My tardiness does not properly reflect my wishes for you to have a healthy, heartful 2013.

I don’t ever set resolutions at the new year, though I do find that it is often a convenient time for me to begin a new practice or to change a behavior or to assess what is working and what isn’t working in my life. This year, prompted by conversations with others, I’ve thought of a few words that I would like to focus on in 2013.  All of the words are connected, but if I had to choose one to encompass all the others it would be embrace. This year, I really want to wholeheartedly embrace.


For me this goes beyond letting go of judgments and accepting. This means truly enjoying, celebrating and owning who I have been, who I am now, and who I may become. And not just me. Others as well: my friends, my family, my nearest and dearest as well as perfect strangers and those I’ve kept at a distance.

Shiva, help me. This is going to be a tough one. But I embrace the challenge. Or, at least, I try to.

What about you, yogis? What are your words for 2013?





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