New Year, New You?

It’s that time of year when many are making resolutions for the coming year.  A good question to ask while identifying and committing to these goals for the new year: Is my goal to change a habit or adopt a new one, or is my goal to change who I am or to adopt a new personality?

Changing behaviors that no longer serve you and adopting new ones that do is a healthy part of evolution as a person. Attempting to change who you are is merely a form of non-acceptance that will lead to frustration and suffering.

So who are you?

I am not mind, intellect, ego or field of consciousness;

Neither hearing, smelling, sight, nor taste.

I am not speech, hands, or feet, nor am I the organs of reproduction or excretion.

I am not dharma, not purpose, not liberation, not desire.

I am not sin, happiness, or suffering.

I am neither the enjoyer nor the enjoyed; neither death, fear, nor social class; neither father nor mother, nor friend, nor teacher, nor student.

My nature is the bliss of pure consciousness.

Shivo’ham. I am Shiva

– Shankaracharya

We ARE the bliss of pure consciousness and that is all that we are. Why would we want to change that?

New Year, New You? How about: New Year, Same You, More Bliss.

I wish you all a very productive new year. Here’s to resolving to eliminate that which keeps us from seeing and accepting who we really are, while we adopt practices and habits that help us on our way towards the unlimited bliss that is our true nature.

2012 here we come!