“We all shine on…”

Scientists say the Universe is old. Really old.

Yoga teaches us that we are made of the very same stuff, which means we’ve been around in some form or another for quite some time. Yet, while we find it easy to marvel at the stars and the depths of space, the sheer vastness and beauty of it all, we sometimes find it difficult to marvel at ourselves.

We are also beautiful, vast and infinite. And the ancient wisdom that exists in the very matter that makes up space and light and earth and sky and us, is there for the tapping. Yogis have long believed that within each of us is contained Divine Wisdom. All we have to do is work through any blockages that prevent us from knowing what we already know.

Asana practice is great for this as it prepares us to sit comfortably in meditation. And it is in meditation that we experience the free flow of wisdom that is coming from within and without and all around.

But we must accept that we, like the ancient stars are worthy of amazement and wonder and awe. I know that for me this is a huge struggle. It is much easier to judge and criticize myself, to second-guess my worth, than it is to accept the likeness I share with the cosmos. I know these feelings are not unique to me. But by diminishing ourselves we diminish others as well. Since we are all made of the same stuff, what is true of one of us is true of all of us.

So, if you’re having a hard time seeing the beauty in yourself, search for the beauty in others and know that you share in it. If you are having trouble seeing the beauty in others, look within at your own radiance and know that they too possess this light. And if you can’t find beauty in yourself or others, look up to the stars. The limitless undying beauty of the Universe is within everyone and everything.