New Beginnings

It’s New Year’s Eve here in Asia, dear yogis. I cannot believe I will be bidding 2013 adieu in mere hours (assuming I can stay awake).

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My mother promised me that time would speed up as I got older and she was right, but this year seems to have come and gone even faster than she warned me. This makes me wonder if I spent too much of this year looking backwards and forwards rather than being in the moment, and I suspect I already know the answer. Time flies both when you are having fun and when you are not present. I suppose a fair share of both were part of my year.

The arrival of 2014 is especially significant to me because this is the year, the one that seemed so far away three years ago, in which we are leaving Korea and returning Stateside. And this is happening a month sooner than we expected, in a mere 6 weeks.

As I’d hoped, I’ve had many adventures and learned oh so many lessons, all of which I plan on writing about in the coming weeks. For now I just want to acknowledge the alphabet soup of emotions as I reflect on our impending departure. I feel sad and excited and wholly unprepared, among other things. Most of all, I’m grateful to have had this experience and these very memorable years.

More soon.

Happy New Year, yogis! Wishing you a healthy, joyful, and peaceful 2014, full of new beginnings.